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30 Character Traits for Ramadan 2015: Haya

HAYA – حياء:

having a shyness, modesty, bashfulness, humility, self-respect with a genuine fear or aversion from being exposed , whether in our appearance or behavior for having or displaying some indecent or ill conduct. In arabic it is derived from the word life. Therefore one can assume it is a WAY of behaving that is integral to walking a path of righteousness in our lives.

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17 Core Values for Developing a Person’s Character

This post started out as an exercised for my children.  To explore as a family the values that we think are needed and essential to b not only be a good human being but to please God, Allah. In our world today traditional moral values have been lost especially within the young generation. It’s always… Continue reading 17 Core Values for Developing a Person’s Character