Islam is the official religion of the UAE.  It is not only practiced by local Emirati muslims, but it is also the religion of the many muslim  expats living in the UAE.  The word Islam means peace, purity and surrender.  For Muslims, it is submission to the supremacy of God‘s will above their own.  He is the Creator and Sustainer, he is Everlasting and unchanging.  For Muslims the Lord Almighty has given himself a unique name, Allah.  Belief in Him as the One and Only God is the first Pillar or Principle of Islam.  Once one establishes in their heart this true, then according to Islam, the believer accepts all that Allah has created and decreed, seen and unseen.

Muslims believe in Angels, as a unique creation of  their Lord.  They are created from light with duties and have no free will of their own.  They were created before mankind, and reside in the heavens but can travel between the heavens and the earth.  They are given specific duties, and some are known by name.  For example, the Angel Gabriel or the Arch Angel’s duty is to bring the Word of Allah or revelation to the Prophets. There are angels assigned to record the good and bad deeds of mankind and there are angels that guard the heavens.

Muslims believe in all the Prophets.  From the creation of the first human being Adam, to the final and last messenger Prophet Mohammed, Muslims believe that the Lord Almighty  has sent them messengers as an example and reminder. The messengers and prophets are chosen human beings, given the task of relaying the message of the one true God Allah and the duty muslims have to worship him.  Some messengers came with revelation, like the Prophet Jesus  who was given the Gospels, The Prophet David the Psalms, The Prophet Moses the Commandments, and the Prophet Ibrahim the Sacred Scrolls.  Some prophets came simply to confirm the previous message.  There are 25  prophets mentioned in the Quran, like Noah, Lot,  John the Baptist, Joseph, Jacob, Solomen, Jethro, and  Zachariah just to name a few.

Muslims believe in divine Guidance and Holy Books. Allah did not create human beings without a direction or divine guidance.  These guidances came through revelation, sent down from Allah through the Angel Gabriel and revealed to mankind through the rightly guided prophets.  Muslims believe that the Quran is the Holy Book revealed to the Prophet Mohammed and is the Seal of the Prophethood.  It has remained virtually unchanged for the past 1400+ years and is memorized by muslims in the language it was revealed in, Arabic.  Muslims believe that this is the miracle of the Quran, that it has remained unchanged, as muslims do not rely on the written word as much as they rely on the practice of memorizing the entire book, consisting of 30 chapters and 114 surahs or verses.

Muslims believe in a Day of Judgment. Allah promised that there would be a day of Reckoning, or Recompense for the Muslim.  That day the believer with be judged according to his or her faith and the good or bad deeds that they have done in their lifetime. That day, the people will be gathered in groups according to their scales balance.  For those whose balance is good, he is promised by Allah’s will a place in Paradise.  For those whose balance is bad, he is promised punishment in the fires of Hell.  Some individuals may spend a time in Hell for their bad deeds but in the end will spend eternity in Heaven.  Muslims understand that Allah is the Best and Fairest of Judges, and because of His infinite knowledge of His creation, he will see even an atom’s worth of  good or bad, therefore there will be Divine Justice.

Muslims believe in Fate and Predestination. Simply put the fact that Allah has infinite knowledge of His creation and what they will do, does not take away from the fact that he created human beings alone with free will.  Therefore, human beings own their deeds, and they make the choice to do right and wrong.  That split second before we make a decision, which path to choose comes from within ourselves.  There are things we do not choose, these are the things preordained by the Creator, for example we do not choose to be born, or who are parents nor do we choose our manner and time of death.


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