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Ramadan Days

Help your children get the most out of their days this Ramadan

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Nurturing Iman in Children

I had the pleasure of taking a class with Sister Aisha Hamdan, now Sister Aisha Utz who has written a book about Nurturing Children’s Eeman.  For all of those who attend my Marriage Class, it is largely based on the notes from her teachings!  This is a lovely Q&A about Raising Children and their relationship… Continue reading Nurturing Iman in Children

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Why do People Have to Leave Each Other?

The other evening, a sister was talking to me about making Dua for a  question to be answered, and then Allah sending someone to us to answer that question.  Below is a beautiful answer…Originally published by Yasmin Mogaheb, When I was 17 years old, I had a dream. I dreamt that I was sitting… Continue reading Why do People Have to Leave Each Other?

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Can I Change the Qadr of Allah?

Surely we cannot change Allah’s decree, but our Dua can change the Qadr. As believers, how then do we understand the last Pillar of Islam Fate and Predestination?  The best way to formulate the proper understanding is to define Qadr.  When Qadr is mentioned by itself, it surely means all of  predestination written in the… Continue reading Can I Change the Qadr of Allah?