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Patience in the Face of Injustice

When our plans don’t work out, trust in Allah, as he is the best of planners.

Hidaya @Duburiah

Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakat

My dear brothers and sisters, Injustice is all around us. the weak and innocent, the poor and misfortune, the orphaned and misjudged.  What will happen on the Day of Judgement? The fact that Allah creates good and allows for evil in the world? The baby born blind, the child born into poverty, the innocent imprisoned.  Do you remember the story of Yusef, peace and blessings upon him? He spent years in prison falsely accused. Did he cry out and curse his accusers? or was he patience and have faith that Allah had a plan? He was steadfast in his belief. Yes, my dear brothers and sisters, he was steadfast and patient and Allah rewarded his patience and steadfastness. It may be difficult to understand at times, when a calamity befalls us, no matter how big or how small, that Allah has a plan. That…

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